Funding Process

Type of Expenses Allowed

The research grants will be used for research operating costs other than the salary of the investigator (e.g. costs of ERB approval, research personnel and other clinic reimbursements, costs of investigational laboratory testing, etc.).

Research programs funded under B-CHERP are entirely investigator- initiated. The AHCDC is a non-profit professional and academic association which gives peer-reviewed research grants. The grantee has no commercial or contractual obligations to AHCDC other than those specified in the grant application. The research grants awarded under the B-CHERP competition are for all the costs foreseen by the investigator up to a maximum of $75,000 per year. Any institutional fee or costs for conducting the research should be included by the investigator in the budget submitted when applying. It is generally expected that academic or research institutions will not charge an overhead fee for the type of research grants awarded by the AHCDC under its B-CHERP program. However any such fee should be included in the budget and the total grant awarded will not exceed $75,000 per year.

Application Cycle: New Grants and Renewals

Calls for applications will go out in JUNE 2017 with a deadline for submission of August 30th 2017. Apply here
The results of the competition will be announced by October 1st and funding will be disbursed in December 2017. Candidates that are applying for the renewal of a grant already funded also have until August 30th 2017 to submit updated results to support continued funding in 2017.

Application Process

Investigators wishing to apply for a research grant must fill the secured electronic form..Apply here.. Information required will include a list of the co-investigators; their affiliation; a description of the investigators’ relevant prior research experience and publications; the title of the research project; a description of the research project; the amount requested with a detailed budget; the sites where the research will take place; proof of approval by ERB, etc.

Peer Review, Decision and Appeal

The B-CHERP Management Committee will convene an independent expert panel each year for the purpose of peer-reviewing and scoring the applications. Successful applicants will be notified of the amount of their grant and duration of support following approval. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified. No appeal will be considered.

Renewal Requirements

To ensure continued funding of the BCHERP Grant, the following information is required annually:

1. a 2-3 page progress report by the Principal Investigator describing what work has been accomplished so far, the number of patients recruited or any preliminary results (published or not), etc.

2. If applicable, a copy of the ERB approval letter if obtained since the initial application

3. An institutional statement on the use of the funds since the initial grant was given.

This information is to be forwarded to the BCHERP office.